Phillies – Dodgers, Wild Thing, Bowa and more!

14 10 2009

audio_icon_big (MLB Network Analyst, Mitch Williams talks Phillies)
audio_icon_big(LA Dodgers coach and former Phillie, Lary Bowa)
audio_icon_big(Phillies beat writer Andy Martino looks at Phils – Dodgers)
audio_icon_big(Phillies beat writer Scott Lauber with a report from LA)

Who is Philly’s Most Popular Player?

15 01 2009

Warning: After reading this column you will want to respond. You will not be able to control yourself.

By Joe Mitchell

Someday soon it will be over. The career of Brian Dawkins. Watch closely. Cherish these moments. You will tell your children and grandchildren about him. There will be, and have been, other great running backs, hockey goalies, centerfielders and quarterbacks. We have never seen the like of Dawkins in a Philadelphia uniform.

Dawkins is the perfect Philadelphia athlete. First he plays football. Second he plays defense. Third HE HITS. Fourth, he cares. He gets as depressed as the fans after a loss.

Fifth. He hits. Sixth, he’s basically a little guy. Seventh he hits. Eighth he loves the fans. Ninth he’s been here a long time (this is critical) And, of course, he hits.

You’ll talk for years about his hits on receivers foolish enough to cross the middle. And then you’ll laugh when you talk about the next time the same receiver came across the same area and dropped the pass because he was looking over his shoulder.

So does all that make Dawkins the most popular Eagle or even most popular Philadelphia athlete ever? Read the rest of this entry »

Cheeks the Right Guy to Go…For Now

13 12 2008

By Mike Gill

The Sixers finally decided enough was enough. 

GM Ed Stefanski pulled the plug on the Mo Cheeks era, ending an up-and-down run in the city he helped win the 1983 NBA Title. 

However, Cheeks was never really beloved by the fans, like Larry Bowa was with the Phillies.  Neither in my opinion was a very good coach or manager, but their tiles to titles in the city seemed to give them a free pass when times were tough.

Stefanski had to make a move, after adding piece-after-piece this off season.  Expectations were high for the Sixers, especially after a unexpected run into the playoffs last season.  But the one move that Stefanski didn’t make this off season was to hire a new coach and it could cost his high-priced team a shot at the playoffs.

This season got off to a rough start and the young Sixers have never seemed to get going under Cheeks, who as one Sixer insider told me, “If you give Mo 35 win talent, he will win you 35 games.” 

Maybe last year he won more games then he should have or maybe the team was good enough to win with their running style that it didn’t matter that his X’s and O’s were subpar. Read the rest of this entry »

Act II: The Best and Worst in Philadelphia

21 08 2008

by John Ryan

With today’s signing of Theo Ratliff to a one-year contract, the 76ers have brought back an integral member of their group that led resurgence in the early part of this decade. Ratliff wasn’t the first (and won’t be the last) former athlete to come back to Philadelphia for a second go-round. Here are some of the more notable names that have had successful (or not so successful) returns to Philadelphia. Read the rest of this entry »