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Where Does Vick Rank Amongst His Piers?

Michael Vick is often polarizing to the media. He is polarizing to fans. (Or if you believe the results of a poll that came out this week, most fans do not like him) He is also polarizing to the national QB argument, so it would stand to reason that he is also a polarizing figures [...]

Andy Reid Outcoached Another NFL Head Coach Last Night!

Last night’s Eagles game was obviously sloppy in every facet of the game for the Birds. One thing I did not expect, however, was Chip Kelly getting badly out coached by Andy Reid. Big Red seemed to find glaring weaknesses in the Eagles match-up and exploited those problems. Here are my observations from last night: [...]

Eagles Backed Out of Kaepernick Deal

On Sunday, ESPN broke a story that the Eagles had a chance to acquire San Francisco QB Colin Caepernick prior to the 2012 draft. Kaepernick, now the 49ers starter (and star), was then the backup to starter Alex Smith (now the Kansas City Chiefs starter for Andy Reid) and was coming off of a pretty [...]

What Are the Odds The Eagles Can Beat Andy Reid (Who Loves to Pass)?

Unlike after 2 games of a 16 game NFL season, 14 years can tell you a lot about the way a certain player, coach or personnel figure does business in the NFL. Andy Reid coached Philadelphia for 14 years. He passed. A lot. Chip Kelly has coached 2 regular season NFL football games for the [...]

Sunday News & Notes

by Michael DeLuca Miles Austin looks like he’s the real deal. After being thrust into his first start of his career last week due to an injury to Roy Williams, Austin busted out with 10 catches for 250 yards and two touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs.  He was inserted into the starting lineup week [...]

Eagles Working Trade?

by Michael DeLuca The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly waiting on word from commissioner Roger Goodell concerning Michael Vick’s reinstatement. ESPN’s Sal Paolantoniois reporting that they expect that decision to come by this Saturday. If Goodell reinstates Vick by week one, don’t be surprised to see AJ Feeley traded to the New England Patriots. The Eagles [...]

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